Social Contribution

Since its foundation over 13 years ago, our clinic has been practicing Orthodontic and preventative treatment for children from “Gotenyama Hikari no Ie”, the one of the children’s homes in Hyogo.

Transferred my clinic to Nishinomiya in May,2012, I visited about 30 homes of all Hyogo Prefecture and Kobe city children’s homes from January to March this year.

My purpose is to offer a proper bite and a nice set of teeth.

As you know well, orthodontic treatment,not targeted for social insurance, has to be done at our own expense.

Although children voluntarily want nice teeth or need them fixed after medical checkup, subsidy from the Country, prefectures and cities is not paid for by these treatments.

My campaign is to help grown-up children in order to play an active part in the society without complex about their appearance.

I would like to ask all of you to watch over the children’s future lovingly.

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